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The perfect mix

Aqualandia is an oasis of happiness suitable for all ages, and not only it includes water attractions but much more. It is the perfect mix suitable to spend a day with friends or family, with wellness, relaxation and lots of fun!

The water park Aqualandia is also a fun center based on a set of water shows, entertainment and attractions of every kind that make the atmosphere similar to the one of a tropical island.


The structure is divided into different areas such as Funnyland, a small theme park devoted entirely to children; furthermore the Adrenaline Zone includes all of the attractions for the brave, 'Music on the Beach' is also a section dedicated to California style sunbathing.

There are also many refreshment areas, a mini golf and the disco Vanilla Club.

We sell Aqualandia Tickets at the price of € 26,00, instead of € 30,00!