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Tropicarium Park

From the Tropics to Jesolo!

The Tropicarium Park of Jesolo Lido is a center located within the Palazzo del Turismo (Piazza Brescia) that has an exposure of 600 meters, with 250 terrariums and 25 aquariums. A path with more than 500 animals from around the world. The center also has rooms with video projection panels. The great exhibition of piazza Brescia sees together the two great predators: sharks and crocodiles.


The special Butterflies Gallery, set up recently, will be for those who wish a pleasant rediscovery of what the world is diverse and full of amazing species! tropical animals, tortoises and funny turtles, poisonous frogs and snakes, iguanas, scorpions, insects and much more! The other novelty is the department with monkeys, geckos and other species for a total of about 400 copies.


The Aquarium Reptilarium boasts the Alligator Turtle largest in Italy!


For shark enthusiasts, however, precisely in the area below is the exhibition Predators. Inside you can admire, from 12 tanks, as many as 32 sharks.


New: Do not miss the spectacle of the beautiful sea lions! Funny and curious, for all ages.

Open from May to September.

Hours: 10:00 to 22:00

Wheelchair access.

With just one ticket you can visit three exhibitions: Tropicarium, Predators and Killer Animals.