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Jesolo Paese

The real town...

Two opposing worlds which make up the area of ​​Jesolo: on one hand the country between rivers and lagoon, on the other the seaside and the pine forest, the pride of international tourism.

Historically Jesolo area has always been connected to Venice, which was secured over the centuries under the protection of the Venetian domain.

The history of Jesolo is synthesized in the names that has changed over time: Equilium, Cavazuccherina and finally Jesolo. The current territory was in antiquity a lagoon, in which the largest island was conquered by the Romans and called "Equilium" land of horses.

With the collapse of the Roman Empire, the inhabitants of Oderzo, to defend against barbarians, took refuge in the island of Eraclea and Jesolo Equilio they called. Subsequently, the city became part of the Venetian maritime entities which later gave birth to the Republic of Venice.


In the thirties there was the rebirth of Jesolo in fact came up the first plants for sun treatment with the first hotels and restaurants. Currently, Jesolo hosts more than 6 million tourists who spend their holidays in its beautiful beaches, partecipate to many events organized and walk along the longest pedestrian walking street of Europe.

Where the seaside ends, far east, the Jesolo land culminates in the port of Cortellazzo, where all around the pine forest covers part of the old dunes. While to the west, you find the lighthouse of Cavallino with its height of 48 m, built between 1948 and 1950 instead of the first tower built in 1840, and it marks the extreme limit of the coast towards the lagoon of Venice.


Jesolo offers attractions, entertainment, clubs, pubs, restaurants, shops and more... The choice is yours!