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Venice and its islands

Here are some valuable tips to better enjoy Venice and its islands!

Getting lost in Venice: there is nothing better than getting lost in Venice, wandering without a destination for its narrow streets and fields. If you have a few hours to see the city, try to get lost before visiting a museum or some other attraction. Wandering at random through the city (the advice is to go in the opposite direction to the one chosen by mass) you can come across numerous fields and charming Venetian palaces and churches, which will reveal the least known of the city. Let yourself be lulled by the magic imperfection of the streets of Venice and the magic of the enchanting atmosphere.

Visit the Basilica of San Marco: recognized as one of the most beautiful Italian churches. In addition to being beautiful outside, its interior is decorated with famous mosaics that tell the story of San Marco and the episodes from the Old and New Testament. The 'entrance to the basilica is free, and this is often need to queue to enter. The advice is to book your visit online (always free): in this way you will have a preferential input. Inside the Basilica course there are also three small museums charge. Visit them or not depends on your interests and your budget! Our advice is to visit the Museum of San Marco, which houses the original copies of the horses on the facade of the Basilica. This way you can also climb on the balcony overlooking the square and enjoy the wonderful view.

See St. Mark's Square when it is empty: the best way to appreciate it in all its glory is in the evening, after the tourists are gone or early in the morning, before they arrive. In any case, you will be enchanted by his embrace, by the perfection of its harmonious, all bathed in silence for a special and magical experience.

Tour by boat to the Grand Canal: the easiest and most effective way to explore Venice is turn it on foot, but to admire the long series of remarkable buildings that overlook the Grand Canal may be a good idea on a tour boat route (called from Venetians the "vaporetti"). The lines that cross the Grand Canal are both Line 1 and Line 2. The first is slower as it carries out all the stops, and the second along the channel is faster, just effecting some.

Visit to a Murano glass shop: watching the production of glass is a must for anyone visiting Venice for the first time. Murano is one of the many islands of the Venetian lagoon, but it's one of the closest and therefore more easily accessible. If you also travel with young children, a visit to a glass shop will be an educational stage as well as fun.

Visit the Doge's Palace: right next to the Basilica of San Marco is the famous Doge's Palace, undoubtedly the most beautiful palaces in Venice. This is a perfect example of civil architecture in Gothic style. A visit to the Palazzo Ducale is for payment, but it's worth it. Inside in fact it unfolds all the power and wealth of the Venetian Republic, in a blaze of masterpieces that leaves you breathless. The ticket includes a visit to the famous prisons, which are only passing inside the Ponte dei Sospiri.

Climb to the top of the Campanile of San Marco: enjoy a full view of the Basilica, the Piazza and the entire city of Venice from above! You can buy a ticket to take the elevator to the top of the tower, located in front of the Basilica. The view is just memorable: the look runs throughout the city, the lagoon, the mainland and on windy days can be seen in the distance also the mountains.

Walking down the streets of Burano: if there is a bit of time or if you go back to Venice at a later time, you can not miss a visit to the island of Burano, accessible by boat route. Visiting Burano is unique: it is not very crowded, the houses are colorful and it's impossible not to be smiling after a walk through its streets. The island is also famous for its handmade lace.

Visit the island of Torcello: right in front of Burano there is the island of Torcello. This is the cradle of Venetian civilization, here were the first urban settlements in the lagoon, houses and churches built by the Venetian people fleeing from barbarian invasions. Over the centuries, due to problems of unhealthiness in the area, it was gradually abandoned. Today remain only the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, dating from the seventh century, the Church of Santa Fosca, the interesting Museum of Torcello and the curious stone seat known as the "Throne of Attila".

Walk to the Rialto market: to fully know the Venetian culture requires a walk to the Rialto Market. This market has existed for nearly a thousand years, and since the founding of the city there are selling fruits and vegetables, but especially the ubiquitous fish. It 's a real treat wandering among the colorful stalls to discover local products, such as castraure, bruscandoli and sparesee.

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